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the B-Lab

The Team:

Current Members


Patrick Bergeron

Lab Director

Patrick Bergeron is an Associate-Professor at Bishop's University in the department of Biological Sciences and the director of the B-Lab. He earned his BSc in Wildlife Biology at Mcgill University and his PhD in Evolutionary Biology and Behavioural Ecology at the Université de Sherbrooke

Elene Haave Audet

PhD candidate

Director: Denis Réale

Personality and foraging strategies in Eastern chipmunks.

Elene Haave Audet.JPG

Lidia Colejo Duran

PhD candidate

Director: Fanie Pelletier

Life history trade-offs and early environmental effects on fitness in pre-industrial human populations.

Dominic Bourret

MSc candidate

Co-director: Dany Garant

Speed-accuracy trade-off on Eastern chipmunks.


François Briau

MSc candidate

Co-director: Dany Garant

Effects of a food supplementation, and more specifically vitamin B3 (niacin), on the reproductive phenology of Eastern chipmunks.

Megan Brownlee

MSc candidate

Director: Dany Garant

Co-director: Denis Réale

Linking space use, burrow fidelity, and fitness in Eastern chipmunks.

Megan_Brownlee_3062_500 - Copy.png
Juliette_Frappier-Lecomte_3131_500 - Copy.png

Juliette Frappier-Lecomte

MSc candidate

Director: Dany Garant

Influence of relatedness in mate choice in Eastern chipmunks.

Amélie Lessard

MSc candidate

Co-director: Marco Festa-Bianchet & Marc-André Villard

Effects of trail use and type of recreational activity on the composition of bird communities and reproduction of a focal species in the Parc National du Mont-Orford.

Amélie 2_edited.jpg

Jared Derek Sparr

MSc candidate

Co-director: Isabelle Lavoie

Effect of pesticides on life-history traits of snails.

The Team:

Past Members

Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Sacha Engelhardt

  • Christelle Leung

  • Mathile Tissier

MSc Students:

  • Jérémie Bouffard

  • Camille Gaudreau-Rousseau

  • Simon Laporte

  • Vincent Lemieux

  • Chelsey Paquette

Honours Students:

  • Jérémie Bouffard

  • Dominic Bourret

  • Melanie Brisson-Léveillé

  • Jason Charlebois

  • Julie Jaques

  • Evan Langille

  • Anne Sophie Lebrun Robles Gil

  • Rosemin Nathoo

  • Chelsey Paquette

  • Christophe Turcotte van DeRydt

Research Assistants:

  • Scott Braithwaite

  • Melanie Brisson-Léveillé

  • Jared Derek Sparr

Research Associates:

  • Andréanne Lessard

  • Pauline van Leeuwen

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