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the B-Lab


Bishop’s University is located on the periphery of Sherbrooke, Qc, in the heart of the Eastern Townships. It offers a tight academic community and an exceptional quality of life.

Yes, Bishop’s is a small Institution and sometimes resources to conduct research are a bit limited. However, the close relationship between professors, students and administrative staff spark unique research opportunities. I guess this is where the B-Lab is coming from

- Bergeron, Bishop’s, B-team -

where little becomes a lot! Also, where research is fun and fueled by creativity. We’re not afraid to develop new projects. Sometimes it doesn’t work (a.k.a. the food-add project to trigger a reproduction in chipmunks), but sometimes it does (like rearing wood frog tadpoles to adults on campus and measuring their personality).

In the B-Lab, we deliver!

P. Bergeron

intheBlab, we deliver.jpg
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